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Quaker Ridge has been so blessed by groups and people who have spent their time and energy to help us continue our ministry!  Every summer thousands of kids get to come to Quaker Ridge and hear about Christ, many for the first time. It is incredible!  Praise God! During the fall and spring seasons we host many groups that just want to get away. We want to let you know that it is only because of people like you that Quaker Ridge can continue to do what we do. But we have needs that can be met! If you feel a desire to donate to Quaker Ridge please see the list below and we will gladly accept any type of donation!

Misc.                                                                                Games/Sports Equipment

Golf Cart                                                                           Frisbees
Gator                                                                                Basketballs
Refrigerators (mini or large)                                                 Whiffleballs/bats
Router                                                                              Floor hockey goals/sticks
Desk chairs                                                                      Volleyballs

Tools/Maintenance Supplies

Makita screw gun
Heat gun
Spade shovels
Tool bags for tool set-ups
Allen wrenches
Sheet rock
Hearing protection
Work gloves
Chain saw chains
Dremel with scribing bits
Flat bars
Screw rivers
Nut drivers
Drill bits
Laminate trimmer
Router bits
drywall tools
electrical hand tools
safety glasses
12” chainsaw
cloth drop clothes
brown exterior tarps
paint – interior, exterior, stain
paint brushes – sash brushes
large capacity wheelbarrows

Mini Golf Course Repair

Mini-golf turf
Mini-golf bricks
Mini-golf fencing

We  love volunteers at Quaker Ridge! If you have any skills that you would like to donate contact guestservices@quakerridgecamp.org or  (719) 687-9012. We would love to have you!


Quaker Ridge Christian Camp and Conference Center in Woodland CO

30150 N. Highway 67
Woodland Park, CO 80863

PHONE: (719) 687-9012
FAX: (719) 686-0808


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