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What a momentous month April has been for Quaker Ridge, topped off with the issuance of the official Teller County legal Certificate of Occupancy for Clark Lodge. Praise Him, praise Him!!! It's been such a wonderful experience and faith builder to watch God move when He decided it was time to finish; bringing together the finances, the people, the passion and the wherewithal to accomplish His will in His time. There were so many pieces to the puzzle that He suddenly put into place with such an amazing forthrightness that it would take pages to list the details of how it all came together. And the same thing applies if I were to try to name all the dedicated and faithful servants who sacrificially gave of their time, resources and prayers in obedience to God's call to be a part of what He was (and is) doing here at Quaker Ridge. We, the Quaker Ridge board and staff, both past and present, can't say a big enough "THANK YOU" to fully convey our appreciation for each and every one of you. To God be the glory, the honor, the praise and the thanksgiving. Amen! Please mark your calendars for the official ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration on the last day of the 2011 Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting - Sunday, August 14th. Church services will held in the Chapel in that morning followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony and a catered dinner in the Clark Lodge building. There will be no charge for this day of celebration so please join us as we give God the glory for all He has done. PLEASE contact Linda Kind to RSVP for this important event so that we can be sure to have enough chairs, tables and food for everyone.
Still, work continues on the Clark Lodge building. The C.O. means that, in the eyes of the presiding governmental jurisdictions, Clark Lodge is legal to occupy for commercial usage and meets all structural and life safety requirements. It does not mean the building is completed. So work continues at a break neck pace to finish the project. Painting, trim work, decorating, furnishings, beds, and a myriad of other tasks remain to be done. With summer camp barreling down upon us, things are a bit hectic around camp these days. Please continue to keep the camp, the board, the staff and the workmen in prayer as we race the calendar to finish the job.
I would also like to give praise to the Lord for sending us a qualified and passionate replacement for our current Facilities Director, Dave Milton, who is leaving us to move back to Florida in May. Brian Roach, a contractor and craftsman from the congregation of First Denver Friends Church will be moving to Quaker Ridge to assume the full time Facilities Director position along with his wife, Angie, sometime in June. Brian has been in and out of Quaker Ridge many times this spring, volunteering his skills and talents in the completion of the Clark Lodge project, and felt the Lord calling him to full time ministry service here. Please be praying for Brian and Angie as they prepare to leave their lives in Denver to come here and faithfully serve the Lord.
April was a month of more than one new beginning here too. One of our maintenance assistants, Damon, married the love of his life here at the camp on April 4th. His new wife, Stefanie, has been helping us out in the horse program and acting as Head Wrangler. It was a beautiful and joyous outdoor, horse-back ceremony down at the barn on a gorgeous, sunny, clear spring day (albeit with fresh snow on the ground and a nip in the air).
Last but not least, continue to lift our board up before the Lord; asking for wisdom and discernment as we seek His will for the future of Quaker Ridge. We will be meeting here at the camp on Saturday, May 21st to continue the long range vision and planning process for the camp. The next step is applying for a Teller County "Special Use Permit" for the camp. The camp's property is zoned agricultural while we are operating what is officially considered a commercial recreational facility out of compliance with county ordinances and zoning regulations. The S.U.P. process is a very long, drawn out, detailed and expensive one, but unfortunately absolutely unavoidable. Numerous federal, state and local governmental regulatory jurisdictions will all be involved so we covet your prayers as we begin this task.
Once again - praise the Lord for his faithfulness and rich blessings!
In His hands, 
Larry Money
Executive Director