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Our ropes courses are a great way for groups to experience working together through challenging elements while enjoying beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains!

We have both high and low ropes courses at Quaker Ridge Camp!

The Quaker Ridge Camp Low Ropes course consists of 9 elements designed to present the participants with a series of increasingly challenging physical, mental, and team work problem-solving experiences. Group initiative, cooperative game, socialization skill and trust activities are all included. Successful completion of the many challenging scenarios requires a coordinated effort by every team member. The elements progress from simpler “introductory” elements to more advanced challenges requiring every team member to develop a plan, execute it, and defeat the challenge.

The purpose of our Low Ropes course is to build teamwork, improve communication skills, encourage unity as well as self-confidence and teach trust within a small group setting.

This course is open to all ages and requires facilitation and/or supervision by our trained and certified staff. All elements require safety “spotters” at all times. Campers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their counseling staff at a ratio of 10:1.


The Quaker Ridge Camp High Ropes course consists of 8 separate cable and rope elements anywhere from 20 to 30 feet off the ground in a series of trees, culminating with an over 500’ long zip line. The first 7 elements are tied together so that once into the course, each element naturally progresses to the next. The 8th element is a stand-alone challenge. Participants are harnessed in to a static belay system and are required to connect and disconnect themselves at each element. A ground spotter and safety checker accompany each participant to ensure proper equipment usage.

The purpose of our High Ropes course is to build self confidence, encourage team work and to stretch each participant’s personal growth in facing certain mild fears and conquering them with the encouragement of their peers and instructors.

This course is open to participants 13 years and older and requires facilitation and supervision by our trained and certified staff. Each active participant must be accompanied by at least one ground safety spotter at all times. Campers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their counseling staff at a ratio of 10:1. Please note: The High Ropes course is closed for 2021

We hope to see you in the trees!!


Some things to keep in mind before beginning either Low or High Ropes:

  1. No open-toed shoes(flip-flops, sandals etc.)
  2. No short shorts – the harnesses will make all shorts shorter.
  3. Bring water bottles, sunscreen, etc.
  4. All loose jewelry (long earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.)  should be taken off – it could get stuck in some of the elements.

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